Tamil Catholic Association

Current Projects

Mannar association for relief & rehabilitation (MARR)

Main Street, Mannar, Srilanka
Director: Revd Fr A Xavier Croos
Giving financial support for better education & schooling for 30 orphan children. Most of them lost their parents during the final war in mullivaikal, vanni srilanka.

Yearly remittance £3600

Holy Family Sisters, Jaffna Srilanka

Prpvomcoa: Sr Mary Yolande
Giving financial support for better education for 15 students.

Yearly remittance £1800

Revd. Fr S Emilianuspillai, Paris priest, madhu Church Srilanka

Giving financial support for better education & schooling for 11 children under his care in Vavuniya Srilanka.

Yearly remittance £1300

Helping student priest

Giving financial support to 2 student priest for their studies in seminary Jaffna Srilanka, through Tamil Catholic Chaplanicy UK.

Yearly remittance £1200

Arobanam boys home, Uruthiraduram, Kilinochchi, Srilanka

Giving financial support for better education & Schooling to 17 children, also providing financial help to rebuild the home after the war. Money being sent to Bishop of Jaffna.

Yearly remittance £2000 plus additional donations for the building work.

Mandapam Camp Tamil Nadu, South India

Director: Fr Louie Albert

Money sent as a Christmas gift for the tamil refugee children living in the camp through Fr Louie Albert SJ Jesuit Refugee Service, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu.

Yearly remittance £1000

Tamil Catholic Chaplaincy UK - Pastoral Care

Helping the Tamil Catholic Chaplaincy UK with its pastoral care when requested.

Donation paid in 2012 - £4500

Mannar Association for Rehabilitationof Differently Able People, Pettah, Mannar, Srilanka.


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