Tamil Catholic Association

About us

The Tamil Catholic Association (UK) is celebrating its 25th year of its formation. It is now recognised as a charitable organisation helping the needy brethren back home in Srilanka.

Even though the Association concentrates on helping the under privileged Tamil children in Srilanka, it has not failed to extend the help to the other needs of all the needy Tamils in Srilanka whenever possible. During the past three years the members number has grown rapidly and the Association is in a very healthy position to widen its support to the Tamils in Srilanka.

New avenues and opportunities have come the Association's way, to spread its wings and offer more help to our brethren in Srilanka. There are offers of help outside the Association to assist in improving the services we render to our brethren in Srilanka. It is a most welcoming gesture at a time like this and we are looking into it. There is also a newly formed group which offers financial help to under privileged Tamil children in Srilanka has approached us to support their Group and again we are considering the ways open to our Association to assist them. We are doing our best to give whatever help we can offer to the needy in Srilanka and do this we would urge people to join the Association so that we can continue with our help to the most needed especially now.